Nous avons listé les principales questions que vous nous posez sur la Manufacture du Développement et sa formation. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions supplémentaires.

  • General information about the Manufacture
    • What is the Development Factory?
    • La Manufacture du Développement is a school in Paris that offers training imagined and designed by actors of cooperation and development.

    • Where are the training facilities located?
    • Our premises are located at 198 Avenue de France, in the 13th arrondissement, in Paris.

    • Who are the stakeholders of the Manufacture?
    • The team is made up of more than twenty development or cooperation actors, motivated to pass on their knowledge and share their experiences. Whether they are project managers in NGOs with an international presence, a policy analyst at the OECD or a war reporter, each speaker will provide the tools and elements necessary to shine within their area of expertise.

      To find out more about their different careers, go to the site’s directory.

  • General training information
    • Is the training offered remotely?
    • After two years of health crisis, the desire of the speakers to transmit and share directly with the students, but also the wish of the students to follow a face-to-face training, motivated us to offer training in physics without Zoom, Teams or other. The training will then take place in our premises, with real non-pixelated teachers.

    • What are the eligibility criteria for this training?
    • In order to guarantee a homogeneous promotion, a Master 2 level (or equivalent) is expected to qualify for training. This allows the speakers to focus their courses mainly on the operational and not on the theoretical.

      Thus, a Bac +5 level in a relevant training will be required of you (such as School of Economics, Political Science, School of Engineering, university course in health, social, youth, international relations or sustainable development, School of business…)

    • How many students are there per class?
    • The training welcomes a promotion of about 25 students per class in order to guarantee a context conducive to exchange and learning.

    • How long does the training last?
    • The training takes place over 4 months, from September to December.

      This period includes the course session, the field visit as well as the time devoted to the development and presentation of the final project to the donor jury.

    • How is the timetable organised?
    • The schedule is organized into 35 hours of lessons per week from Monday to Friday, i.e. 7 hours of lessons per day. Conferences given around the subjects of cooperation and development will be given outside of class hours during the week.

    • What specialties are offered?
    • With regard to the key themes in the world of development, the Manufacture du Développement offers 4 specialties from which the students can choose:

      • Sustainable development
      • Stabilization and Economic Governance
      • Health and social
      • Youth


      The promotion will thus be divided into four groups, each sponsored by a relevant organization in the field.

    • Is a field visit planned?
    • To discover in real conditions what is learned in class, a 5-day field visit to Tunis is planned during the training. On site, students will be able to meet local development actors as well as observe the implementation and monitoring of projects in practice.

      Also, a 3-day stay in Brussels during the training will allow students to meet international donors and better understand their work.

    • Are there review sections?
    • At the Manufacture du Développement, we advocate learning through experience. Then, the training evaluation session will consist of a presentation, before a jury of international sponsors, of a thoughtful project built using the skills acquired, with the help of the sponsoring organisations.

      No written exam sessions are planned.

    • How much does the training cost?
    • The training costs 6500€ including VAT.

    • Are there selection fees to be expected?
    • No selection fee is required to apply for training.

    • How to apply?
    • The registration procedure takes place online.

      In order to obtain an interview, contact the Manufacture via the “I apply” section, providing your motivations and contact details. You will then be contacted again in the event of eligibility.

  • After the training
    • Is an internship compulsory at the end of the training?
    • The internship at the end of the training is not compulsory.

      However, having developed a solid and varied network, professional integration will be facilitated by the offers of contracts from the sponsoring organizations at the end of the training.

    • What types of positions can be occupied after the training?
    • Thanks to the skills and encounters made during the training, you will easily find a position as: project manager, consultant in international institutions and national cooperation agencies, research manager, project manager business consultant, monitoring and evaluation consultant, Country Director.