Post masters?

A little history first

The Manufacture du développement was created based on the fact that it is almost impossible for young people to enter the world of international organizations and NGOs after completing their Masters.

Why? Because you need a network and operational skills that are not well taught in French universities and schools.

4 professionals from the world of development aid decided to create a hybrid training model in an innovative environment, between bootcamp and active learning, to enable you to achieve your ambitions and contribute to a fairer world.

Who are we?

The Manufacture du Développement is a team. A team of more than 40 professionals determined to break the codes of international solidarity by sharing their operational know-how to train a new generation of development aid actors.

Our speakers come from the United Nations, the World Bank, AFD, the European Union, Expertise France, GIZ, OIF, large international NGOs, consulting firms, auditing firms… and much more.

For a fairer, more inclusive and much more effective aid.

Give you the keys to integrate international organizations and shine there

Our training


Here, no blabla. An intensive training on how to design, build, manage and administer a development project.

Why project management?

Because it is the main job of any actor of international solidarity, practiced by all actors. The skills acquired will thus be transferable throughout the development sector.


Be fluent in French and English in the design, management and administration of all phases of a donor-funded project. You will be able to analyze partner needs, define a logical framework, a risk matrix, set up a country office, know project finance, write long reports without effort… In short, everything to be employable tomorrow.


You will be divided into thematic groups according to your sensitivity: Sustainable Development, Stabilization, Economic Governance/Employment, Health/Social/Children. Each group will be sponsored by an organization for which they will design a project.

The skills will be acquired through 4 main chapters:

  • Cooperation and diplomacy: Who are the actors, the donors, the habits and customs, the beneficiaries…
  • Design and Project Management: You will respond as a group to a real call for tenders, you will go to the field to meet donors and beneficiaries,
  • Project Finance, all managed by THE reference auditing firm in the field.
  • Pitching: presentation of your project to funders.

The presentations will be delivered in French and English and all project documents will be written in English.

No exams at the Manufacture du Développement, we are in the pros, only the results count. Well thought-out projects, in the service of others, are worth all the exams in the world.


At the end of the course, you will have the tools and skills necessary to develop your professional projects, supported by a large network of the main cooperation and development institutions.

Thanks to the skills and encounters made during your training, you will easily find a position as: project manager, consultant in international institutions and national cooperation agencies, study manager, business manager, monitoring and evaluation consultant, Country Director.

Join an innovative training to boost your career and contribute to a fairer world.

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